Field trips

Field trips are an important part of the LASI conferences. The main post-conference field trip will be to the Karoo Basin. There will also be an excursion to the Addo Elephant Park. Field trip availability will be on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • Post-conference trip to the Karoo Basin. Maximum 50 participants [31.10 to 3.11]
  • One-day pre-conference excursion to the Addo Elephant Park. [28.10.2012]



The saucer-shaped Golden Valley sill was emplaced in undeformed Karoo sediments of the Beaufort Group


Witkop III hydrothermal vent complex


Witkop III paleosurface with sandsone pipes and small flow structures


Contact aureole developed above the upper contact of a sill intrusion

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